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Lipstick Chronicles

This collection reflects the many untold stories of women and men who have faced gut-wrenching challenges in pursuing their careers. It also tells stories of triumph and where things have worked - the winning formula.

All too often these challenges faced by leaders are masked by the glamourization of their success, which all too often disguises the anguish, marginalization, and psychological impacts of choosing to lead.

In the same breath, we also need to acknowledge the progress made in the transformation of the workplaces and beat the drum of jubilation for those who have found the sweet spot and are thriving. We trust that the book not only provides insights but serves as a validation of their journeys that must be inked into our history.     


Life Lessons of a Cattle Herder: Reflections From The Boardroom 

This book is a pause and reflection or even freedom for me and you. Today we are busier than ever, thanks to technology and the information age we are in. With our world rapidly evolving, most of us race through life carrying many thoughts and ideas in our minds, not to mention the continuous pressures of life.

Is there time to think about our journeys or unpack important life teachings?

This is a question we must all ask ourselves for our serenity and sometimes sanity.

I wrote LESSONS OF A CATTLE HERDER: REFLECTIONS FROM THE BOARDROOM during the panic of COVID-19, lockdown, and universal restrictions. Layered with my own experiences, from herding cattle in a village to leading teams successfully in boardrooms, this book takes you on my journey. More that that, I hope to inspire you to appreciate the rich tapestries of your own narrative, culture, experiences, and history. 

Women's Voices 

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