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Dr Songelwa's coaching practice is her contribution to humanity and specialises on the enablement of women and youth. Through powerful engagements, embodied by honest and authentic conversations, groups or individuals discover who they are, and take action to make their dreams a reality. Her commitment is to partner with her clients in their journey of transformation and unleash your greatest potential.

Dr. Mvusy is a member of ABCCCP (Africa Board Of Coaching, Consulting & Coaching Psychology)

With our vast experience in operations, at executive level and at Board level within Conservation and Tourism sector in South Africa. We have a track record in working with individuals and organizations in South Africa and abroad. Our organization is offering the following;

•  Mentoring women leaders in Conservation on leadership and park /protected area
•  Advisory services to Conservation organizations 

In partnership with Africa Work Based Learning Centre we plan to train youth on competences of coaching through a foundation course on Coaching and Leadership. This course will empower young leaders tochoose coaching as a career , whilst also transforming the lives of youth.

•  Retreats 
•  Seminars
•  Conferences

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